(Good for them): A local competition at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was launched under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman, Governor of Al Madinah Al Munawwarah region, head of the glasses council of the Madinah Research and Studies Center - may God protect him - on the eighteenth of Ramadan 1442 AH.

A contest is good for them (prophetic effect); A qualitative tributary to promote Islamic values, spread the Prophet’s biography, achieve the values ​​of moderation, tolerance and perfection, and fuel the spirit of determination and perseverance, these values ​​from which our rational state was launched in accordance with its Islamic principles to enhance national belonging and support the Islamic culture for a vibrant society, whose values ​​are firmly established. The competition also enhances the added value of the Medina region, through its positive participation in all forums of excellence and creativity.


1- Innovation and improvement of the product outputs of the Prophet’s biography in particular and Medina in general.
2- Highlighting the effort and qualitative work of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its residents.
3- Enhancing confidence in refereed scientific outputs.
4- Spreading the biography of the Prophet with the best scientific and educational output.
5- Spreading the spirit of positive competition to achieve excellence and creativity.
6- Linking young people to the Prophet’s biography and original values.