A short film Medina

Producing a short film, not exceeding 10 minutes, about Medina and its monuments and monuments.


conditions competion

The video must be produced by the contestant, and he has not participated in it before.

That the film is distinguished by novelty, originality and innovation, and that it should not be adapted or duplicated.

That the film's materials, including sounds, images and scenes, are owned by the contestant and do not have any legal rights.

That the video is at least 7 minutes long and not more than 10 minutes long.

The video format should be: (wmv-mov-mp4).

The quality of the audio and visual effects is high.

The video must not contain content, material, or an illegal element or in any way that violates religious or political controls, including violating intellectual property rights and privacy.

The description of the video must be written in a word program and in a proper Arabic language, provided that the font size is (14), and the font type is Traditional Arabic, including its meanings.

The center has the right to use and display all the submitted works while preserving the property rights.


  • first winner
  • second Winner
  • third winner

A short film Medina

  • 50000 SAR

  • 25000 SAR

  • 12500 SAR

  • Appreciation Certificate for every winner