picture or drawing

Description of the picture or drawing: A picture or drawing of Medina, its monuments and monuments.


conditions competion

1. The work must be produced by the contestant, and he has not participated in it before.

2. That the image or drawing is distinguished by novelty and innovation, and not quoted or duplicated.

3. The image should be of high resolution and not processed by any image processing program.

4. The photographs must be sent in (JPG) and (RAW) formats.

5. To send the drawing to the center on (Canvas).

6. The minimum size of the drawing is 50 cm x 70 cm, and the maximum is 244 cm x 244 cm.

7. The Center is not obligated to return the works sent to their owners, and the rights of the works sent are the property of the Center, while preserving the moral rights of the employer and referring to him if he benefits from them.
8. The signature of the works shall be in the lower left corner of the drawing.

9. The last date for receiving entries is Friday: 3/30/1443 AH, corresponding to November 5, 2021 AD.


  • first winner
  • second Winner
  • third winner

picture or drawing

  • 25000 SAR

  • 12500 SAR

  • 6250 SAR

  • Appreciation Certificate for every winner