Creative idea

Presenting a creative idea that highlights the biography of the Prophet, and the landmarks of Medina


conditions competion

1. The creative idea should be the thought of the contestant, and he has not participated in it before.

2. The idea should be distinguished by seriousness, originality and innovation, and not quoted or duplicated.

3. That the idea establishes the desired goal.

4. That the idea be applicable and implementable.

5. To write the description of the idea on the (word) program and in a proper Arabic language, provided that the font size is (14), and the font type is Traditional Arabic, including: the name of the idea - the target group - a brief description of it - its importance to the target group - the implementation mechanism - the consequences On it - the percentage of its positive impact - the illustrations, if any.

6. The deadline for receiving entries is Friday: 3/30/1443 AH, corresponding to November 5, 2021 AD.


  • first winner
  • second Winner
  • third winner

Creative idea

  • 12500 SAR

  • 6250 SAR

  • 3125 SAR

  • Appreciation Certificate for every winner